Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gobble Up the Ghost Heat with the Pac Man Pot Holder

Finally – the pot holder that retro-gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for!� This Pac Mac Hotheads pot holder from Gadgets and Gear is made of pure silicone that will protect your hand from temperatures up to 450 degrees or down to -58 degrees.� The game board design inside his mouth improves your grip.� If you [...]


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Usher To Donate Gadhafi Money To Charity

'I will be donating all of my personal various human rights organizations,' singer says of concert linked to Libyan dictator.
By Shawn Adler

Usher (file)
Photo: Getty Images

R&B superstar Usher announced Friday (March 4) that he was donating to various charities proceeds from appearing at a private event at St. Barts linked to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to a statement made to the Associated Press.

The Grammy award winner's renouncement comes after similar announcements from singers Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado, and Beyoncé, all of whom were revealed to have performed at private concerts linked to the Middle Eastern leader, who has faced open revolt and major political uprisings since February.

"I am sincerely troubled to learn about the circumstances surrounding the Nikki Beach St. Bart's event that took place on New Year's Eve 2009," Usher said of the concert, at which he appeared alongside Beyoncé but did not perform. "I will be donating all of my personal proceeds from that event to various human rights organizations."

Usher has already begun the process, having made a donation to Amnesty International, the AP reports. The exact size of the donation is not known.

The New Year's Eve gig was reportedly for Moammar's fourth son Muastassim, who an unnamed music industry source told MTV News has a history of throwing lavish parties "jammed" with supermodels.

Beyoncé, who sang at the event, donated all proceeds from her performance to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, established in the wake of the Haitian earthquake.

"All monies paid to Beyoncé for her performance at a private party at Nikki Beach St. Barts on New Year's Eve 2009, including the commissions paid to her booking agency, were donated to the earthquake relief efforts for Haiti over a year ago," the "Halo" singer's publicist said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "Once it became known that the third-party promoter was linked to the Qaddafi family, the decision was made to put that payment to a good cause."

Singer Nelly Furtado tweeted February 28 that she plans to make similar amends.

"In 2007, I received 1million$ from the Gadhafi clan to perform a 45 min. show for guests at a hotel in Italy," she tweeted. "I am going to donate the $."

The leader of Libya since a successful military coup in 1969, Gadhafi has reportedly lost control of much of his country as a result of widespread uprisings. The United Nations voted unanimously to refer the dictator to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

OH: Nicki Minaj Gives Chris Paul A Lapdance In New Orleans

New Orleans Hornets baller Chris Paul's fiancee/baby moms Jada got a sneak peek at what his bachelor party would be like last night. Nicki Minaj pulled him on stage for her nightly lap dance. Watch Nicki make Chris blush inside.....

The I Am Music Tour II rolled into New Orleans--Lil Wayne's hometown--for one of their largest tour stops.  And, of course, NBA baller Chris Paul was at the New Orleans arena to support Young Money.

Peep the vid. 




In a recent interview, Da Brat applauds Nicki Minaj for her talent and warns others not to hate on her because there are so few women in the game.

She says we need to support the ones who are opening doors for others.


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Courteney Cox: "I Have Not Had Sex" Since Splitting from David Arquette

Courteney Cox: "I Have Not Had Sex" Since Splitting from David Arquette

Though Courteney Cox and David Arquette's split has been surprisingly friendly, it's also been as public as it gets. Now, the couple has revealed even more about both their married life and their lives since their split to shock jock Howard Stern.

In an interview with both parties, Stern uncovered that sex was a big part of the reason that the couple, who's been married for 11 years, is no longer together. Cox said her husband has a constant desire for sex -- and that she's just not that into it. But Arquette countered that it's much more complicated than that.

"I know I'm more in touch with what she needs now," he said Thursday. "She takes one sort of thing or a couple times and she clumps it and that's what happens all the time in our relationship. It's not really true." 

But Cox says his advances towards her on their recent trip to Disney World are the perfect example.

"That was like the worst – I can't even tell you," the actress, 46, told Stern. "I had just woken up, he'd been up – you know he doesn't sleep."

Courteney says, when it comes down to it, she and Arquette just have a lot of conflicting personality traits.

"The truth of the matter is that we love each other so much. We have such affection for each other, but we are very different," she said. "I'm a homebody. I like to have people over, but I'm a little socially not ... I don't love it. David --he doesn't drink anymore, he's completely sober -- but he likes to go out and dance. He really is a very gregarious guy. He's very outgoing. I'm much more of an introvert." 

Recent rumors say Cox is getting close to her Cougar Town costar Josh Hopkins, whom she recently vacationed with. Though her rep says they are just friends, Cox didn't come right out and deny the romance. But she did say that her costars "really don't want to get involved in this mess."

When bluntly asked by Stern if she has had sex with anyone else since her split from Arquette in October, she said, "I have not had sex."

The radio host went on to suggest that Hopkins may want to be more than just friends with Cox, but she insists that none of her costars have those feelings for her.

"If they do, they're not letting me know," she insists. "I mean I think they like David too much and it's too weird of a situation."


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Taylor Lautner Talks Press, Post-"Twilight" Life

Being one of Hollywood's hottest young actors undoubtedly comes with a loss of privacy, but Taylor Lautner knows that it's part of the job and says that he wouldn't change a thing.

In a sit down with MTV, the 19-year-old told, "Obviously there's the loss of privacy and the paparazzi and the media. It comes with the territory, and I know that, and I wouldn't trade it. It just comes with it. But I'm so thankful for everything, I'll take that stuff."

Taylor, who is about to wrap up filming on "Breaking Dawn," also revealed that the thought of having free time freaks him out a bit, as he said, "To be honest, I'm pretty scared because whenever I finish filming a movie and I go home and just have time to relax, I wake up and I'm like, 'What am I going to do today?"

Of the change in schedule, Lautner continued, "It's so weird not having to wake up at 5 a.m., go to work, come back. It's a weird feeling, so I'm excited but also a little nervous. I might go a little crazy. Got to start getting into that art and stamp collecting."


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Mitoza is a fun, freaky Web toy with an artistic look

While not a game per se, I found Mitoza intriguing enough to spend quite some time with it. You start off with a seed, and are then presented with two choices: you can either click a flower pot, or click a cute little birdie.

If you click the flower pot, a flower pot appears and the seed is planted inside. You're then presented with two further choices -- a water can or a bottle of fertilizer. Each choice you make causes your creation to morph, and presents you with two other choices.

There's no winning or losing, really. Each "game" usually lasts around four or five choices, at which point the plant/animal dies in some creative (but not too gruesome) way. At this point you instantly start over with a new seed.

The graphics are captivating; the whole thing has a cinematic feel to it, with a bit of artificial camera shake added for style.

All in all, it's a fun, peaceful way to spend a few minutes, and it might even make you think a little bit while you're at it.

Mitoza is a fun, freaky Web toy with an artistic look originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 28 Mar 2011 17:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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TWCable TV App for iPad Review

I like watching television. I watch TV every night. �Even when I?m surfing the internet or working on a review, I have the TV on in the background.� And you can be sure that I like gadgets, so anytime I can combine a gadget with television it?s good.� When I heard about the iPad app [...]


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A Paper Record Player Hidden in a Wedding Invitation [Video]

You know those obnoxious cards that play music every time you open it? Yeah, this ain't one of 'em. Instead! This card, a wedding invitation, packs its own record player. You'll have to line up the "needle" and spin the record to get it to play. More »


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Photos | Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

Ke$ha Gets Electro At Casio's Shock The World Event 2010

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Britney Spears To Tour With Nicki Minaj

Singer confirms the rumors about her Femme Fatale lineup on her website Tuesday.
By Jocelyn Vena

Britney Spears
Photo: Max Morse/Getty Images

After weeks of speculation, Nicki Minaj has at last been confirmed as the replacement for Enrique Iglesias on Britney Spears' upcoming Femme Fatale tour.

The ladies will also be joined by Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo on the all-female lineup. "This is the Femme Fatale tour, and I'm thrilled to have the hot Nicki Minaj join me and Jessie and the Toy Boys and Nervo will get everyone on the dance floor," Spears said on her website. "Can't wait to take the Femme Fatales on the road."

Minaj will join Spears after she wraps up touring with Lil Wayne on his I Am Still Music tour, which finishes up May 1 in New Jersey. Last week, Minaj told to MTV News that she was in talks to join the tour, after rumors began swirling that the sassy Queens MC would be hitting the road with the veteran pop superstar.

The tour kicks off on June 16 in Sacramento, California, and will run for 26 dates through North America, winding up on August 13 in Toronto. Select tickets go on sale on April 30.

Spears manager Larry Rudolph, told MTV News that Britney's tour will have the post-apocalyptic vibe that's been present in her recent live sets and the video for "Till the World Ends."

"The way we come up with a concept for a show like this is we sit with Britney, she talks to us about what she's interested in and what excites her," Rudolph explained. "We start with the songs on the album; we start with coming up with general, broad concepts. She tells us what interests her and excites her, and from there, we have [the input of music tour director] Jamie King and [choreographer] Brian Friedman."

What do you think of the Nicki/Britney matchup? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Rihanna Dishes On Britney Remix, Her "Hate" For Khloe & Lamar, & Intimidating Men

Rihanna called in to the Ryan Seacrest show today to chat about everything's that's been going on in Rihannaland.  Get updates from the horse's mouth about the Britney Spears collabo, her difficult love life, and why Khloe & Lamar Odom make her barf....



  • The "S&M (Remix)" with Britney Spears happened extrememly quickly and solely because the fans wanted it.
  • She doesn't think "S&M" video was all lthat raunchy so not sure why it's banned in so many countries.
  • Khloe & Lamar Odom make her barf.  But in a good way because they're so cute.
  • According to Rihanna, men are intimidated by the 23-year-old because "it's a lot for them to handle."
  • There is truth to the rumor she was being considered for "X-Factor" judge.  But since she'll be on tour for the rest of the year, it doesn't work with her schedule.  She'll be on tour for the rest of the year.
  • Rih's performing "California King Bed" tomorrow night on stage on "American Idol."  And she's opening up the Billboard Music Awards this year with "S&M".


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Rebecca Black's 'Friday' Beats Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga On YouTube

'Friday' has had 100 million views to date, with Black currently working on her second single, 'LOL.'
By Gil Kaufman

Rebecca Black in her video for "Friday"
Photo: Ark Music Factory

There was a minute there when Rebecca Black's "Friday" video was, almost literally, inescapable. Whether the success of the viral hit was being covered on such unlikely outlets as CNN or NPR, getting parodied on late-night television, or just bouncing around from Twitter accounts to e-mail in-boxes and music blogs, the tune by the previously unknown 13-year-old had the kind of white-hot media buzz usually reserved for a Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber.

Well, guess what? The little $2,000 pay-to-play ditty-that-could can now claim to have surpassed such major label juggernauts as Bieber and Gaga. According to a Reuters report, the no-budget clip for Black's song has been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube since it was released on February 10, surpassing the totals for Gaga's "Born This Way" and Bieber's "Pray" videos, based on numbers provided by Visible Measures, a company that tracks the performance of Web videos.

Scratch that. If you count spoofs, other versions and home-brewed takes on the song, it's actually been seen more than 200 million times. Crunching the same numbers for "Born This Way," it has generated 180 million online views, while "Pray" has racked up 65 million.

It doesn't seem as though Gaga minds the competition from the Ark Music Factory product, as she reportedly referred to "Friday" as "genius" recently. Black told us she "freaked out" when she heard the compliment from Mother Monster. "I'm 13 and I never thought Lady Gaga would even know my name. I'm the kind of girl that dances to Lady Gaga with a hairbrush in her room at night," Black told MTV News in late March before she notched her YouTube record.

Black is reportedly at work on her second single, "LOL," though a release date for that song has not yet been announced.

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Did Kobe Bryant Direct Gay Slur At Ref? (VIDEO)

A video supposedly showing Kobe Bryant?s gay slur infused pout fest Tuesday night is plowing its way through the Interwebs today. Though audio of his exact words is not present in the clip, it doesn?t take a lip reading expert to piece this one together.

The LA Laker?s star, who is no stranger to bad press, [...]


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Survival Lab is a fun pixelated game where dying doesn't matter

Survival Lab
In most games, dying is a bad thing. You have to start all over again, or at least revert to the last save point and lose some progress. Not so in Survival Lab: in this pixelated gem you play as a lone individual pitted against ruthless weapons in a sealed chamber. You have to run, jump and duck, collecting little yellow things (I have no idea what they're called).

For each donut-like yellow thing you pick up, you gain a bit of experience. If you manage to collect several in a row without getting hit, this counts as a combo. You can see my mad combo skills in the screenshot, of course. Collecting combos is a good thing, because a ten-point combo gives you for more experience than just collecting ten dounts one by one (getting hit in-between).

Having experience is useful, because once you die, you get to a screen where you can upgrade your skills. You can learn to run faster, double-jump (and then double-jump higher), and duck. You can also gain more armour so that getting hit won't kill you so quickly.

What makes this simple game so addictive is that when you die, your experience doesn't reset. You just go back to the same level, or another level of your choosing, and keep accumulating more and more experience. Lots of fun, especially if you're into the whole retro-gaming thing.

Survival Lab is a fun pixelated game where dying doesn't matter originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Adele Back At #1 On Billboard Chart, Pushing Britney Spears To #2

Spears drops to #2 as sales of Femme Fatale trail off in second week.
By Gil Kaufman

Adele's <i>21</i>
Photo: Columbia Records

It's a bit early to call it a changing of the guard, but British songbird Adele will make a strong case that she is a major force to be reckoned with on the Billboard charts next week when her album 21 retakes the #1 spot.

Thanks to sales of 88,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan, Adele pulls the feat off — her fourth non-consecutive week at #1 since the album's release in late February — while forcing last week's #1, Britney Spears' Femme Fatale, down to #2.

Spears' highly anticipated new effort suffers a steep drop-off in its second chart cycle, plunging 73 percent on sales of 75,000, for a two-week total of 352,000. In contrast, Adele has pushed past the 1 million mark in seven weeks to notch the best-selling album of 2011 to date.

Also losing a significant amount (70 percent) of business in its second week is rapper Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers, which falls three spots to #5 on sales of 59,000. Masked rap-rock crew Hollywood Undead scored their best chart debut ever with American Tragedy, which comes in at #4 (66,000), while little-known metalers Asking Alexandria come in at #9 on sales of 31,000.

The rest of the top 10: Radiohead, King of Limbs (#3, 67,000); Chris Brown, F.A.M.E. (#6, 51,000); the iTunes Songs for Japan compilation (#7, 51,000); Mumford & Sons' Sigh No More (#8, 34,000); and Kirk Franklin's Hello Fear (#10, 31,000).

Jennifer Hudson's I Remember Me slips four spots to #11 as sales dip 46 percent to 31,000, while Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and former Band member Robbie Robertson scores a #13 debut (22,000) for How to Become Clairvoyant, his first studio album in 13 years. Rapper Jim Jones hits #20 with the debut of his latest, Capo (21,000), indie faves The Kills come in at #37 with Blood Pressures (13,000), and superstar DJ Tiësto is down at #52 with Club Life Volume One — Las Vegas (10,000).

On the iTunes album charts, it was all about the Songs for Japan album, which reigned supreme over Adele, who was followed by the Hollywood Undead, Spears, Mumford & Sons, Khalifa, Asking Alexandria, the TRON: Legacy Reconfigured special package, an "American Idol" digital album featuring the top nine, including shock castoff Pia Toscano, and the soundtrack Grey's Anatomy: The Music Event.

Katy Perry had the top of the iTunes singles chart on lock with her Kanye West collabo "E.T." beating out the Black Eyed Peas' "Just Can't Get Enough," Rihanna's "S&M," Britney's second single, "Till the World Ends," Blake Shelton's "Honey Bee" and Adele's smash "Rollin' in the Deep." The rest of the list included Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" at #7, Chris Brown just behind with "Look at Me Now" and Pitbull's "Give Me Everything" and Ke$ha's "Blow."

Look for some movement at the top next week thanks to the debuts of the Foo Fighters' Wasting Light, Jessie J's debut Who You Are, the "Lemonade Mouth" soundtrack and a new album from folk-rock legend Paul Simon.

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Here's 20 Minutes of WebOS 3.0 on Video [Video]

If there's one important thing to pull from this nearly 20 minute video of a leaked WebOS 3.0 beta (PalmPad variant), it's that HP hasn't completely mutilated WebOS (...yet). More »


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IE9 and Firefox 4 post top marks in Web browser power use comparison

Over on the Internet Explorer Blog, Microsoft has posted results from an extensive comparison of the top five Web browsers. The goal: to determine whether Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, Safari 5, or Opera 11 is able to squeeze the most life out of your laptop's battery.

A baseline was determined with test systems sitting idle, and then browsers were pointed at about:blank, a news site, the HTML5 Galactic demo, and the IE9 fish tank demo. Perhaps unsurprisingly, IE9 came out on top -- though Firefox 4 was a very close second on nearly every test. As you can see, the other browsers didn't necessarily fare quite as well, with Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera all posting significantly worse scores. In Opera 11's case, a laptop battery would last over one hour more with Internet Explorer 9 installed.

But what we'd really like to know is where did Microsoft find the dilithium crystals required to run a Galactic Total Power Consumption test...

IE9 and Firefox 4 post top marks in Web browser power use comparison originally appeared on Download Squad on Wed, 30 Mar 2011 07:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Dead Yet: The Ultimate Guide to RSS in 2011 [Republished]

RSS is dead, they say!� They, being all of you who now get your news, information, and various social updates from one of the many online platforms you subscribe to.� But let it be said that all the Twitters, Facebooks, and Reddits in the world can't put a stake through the heart of the undying Really Simple Syndication feed.� It's a powerful part of the information distribution system that makes up the general Web, and its use on the mobile platform is unquestioned: Tablet PCs plus RSS equals sublime. More »


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Top Stories: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 [Total Recap]

KABLOOIE | When homebrew anti-aircraft systems go wrong

More »


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Photos | MTV Buzzworthy Blog: The Best Of Old-School Britney Spears

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: The Best Of Old-School Britney Spears

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Photos | Lady Gaga Knows How To Make An Entrance

Lady Gaga Knows How To Make An Entrance

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Bamboo MacBook Cases from Silva Ltd.

We’ve seen a lot of wooden cases for hand-held devices, but this is the first bamboo laptop case I personally have seen.� Silva Ltd. makes bamboo cases for 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro laptops.� The cases are made of 100% bamboo with a hard, glass-like finish.� The interior is lined with wool felt.� The leather [...]


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Britney Spears' 'Till The World Ends' Video Nods To 'Slave 4 U'

Latest clip reminds us of her 2001 smash -- and it's not the first time the pop superstar has sampled her own video catalog.
By Christina Garibaldi

Britney Spears in "Til The Word Ends"
Photo: Jive

With Wednesday's release of Britney Spears' new video for "Till the World Ends," the pop diva showed she can dance her way through anything — even an apocalypse.

Now, although "Till the World Ends" takes place in the future, it's hard to watch it without feeling transported to the past. The edgy look, steamy scenes and pulsating dance moves take us back to Spears' 2001 hit "Slave 4 U." Some of the key elements of "Till the World Ends" mirror "Slave," from the videos' sweaty dance scenes to the sexy wardrobe changes to an almost identical scene in which Britney sits among a group of sultry dancers.

And this isn't the first time the princess of pop has paid homage to herself. Spears' over-the-top videos have typically featured some distinct elements: memorable story lines ("Toxic"), standout choreography ("Oops! ... I Did It Again") and midriff-bearing outfits ("I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"). So we can't say we blame her for looking back.

In 2008, Spears released her video for "Womanizer," which gave us a case of déjà vu, reminding us of her iconic "Toxic" clip. Borrowing a similar concept, Britney took on multiple personalities and sought revenge on a man who had done her wrong. However, the most jarring similarity was the wardrobe, or lack thereof. Spears played off the most memorable "Toxic" look — a nude bedazzled bodysuit — but took it one step further when she decided to bare all for "Womanizer."

Another recurring theme of Spears' videos happens to be a recurring theme in her real life: the constant media scrutiny. Spears has never hidden the fact that she's not a fan of all that paparazzi attention, and she playfully illustrated her battle with the photographers in "Piece of Me." But Spears' video résumé also finds her playing a variety of roles, from a young schoolgirl in "...Baby One More Time" to a bubble-gum-popping waitress in "(You Drive Me) Crazy," even a sexy flight attendant in "Toxic."

Earlier this year, the pop star reminded the world of just how memorable her music video catalog really is, when she surrounded herself with several of her classic video looks in "Hold It Against Me." The clip may have given viewers a glimpse of her past, but at the rate that Spears is going, it seems the best is yet to come.

What's your favorite Britney Spears video? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011